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A highlight of the summer season is always the Lewes Skittles Tournament held in the Grange Gardens in June. The event was started in the 1960s with six lanes and has expanded over the years such that it is now possible to operate 16 lanes.

The event now runs over five days from Monday to Friday with finals night on the Friday. This is a real community event with over 100 local teams taking part. Traditionally the Town Mayor bowls the first ball on the Monday night.

Local businesses support the event through advertising and sponsorship. Commercial Square Bonfire Society run the bar and Waterloo Bonfire Society run a burger and hot dog stall. 

For the hundreds who take part each year it is a fun event with friendly competition. There is a main competition with the highest scoring teams during the week taking part in finals night on the Friday, a Ladies competition on the Friday night, and prizes for the best pub, bonfire, and service club teams.

The money raised from the entry fees advertising, donations, the bar, and the burger stall provides funds enabling the Rotary Club to support charities and local people in need. The nightly gate collection is divided between the Friends of Lewes Victoria Hospital and St Peter & St James Hospice.

For 2024 the tournament will run from Monday 17th June starting at 7.00 each evening.

For an entry form please email

Skittles in action.jpg
ROTARY CLUB OF LEWES  ( Charity No 253482)


  • Each team shall consist of 6 players who will each bowl the three balls three times. Teams will play two games per night.

  •  All bowls will be bowled underarm only from the cross mat. Rebounds off the backboard count and skittles resting on the side or backboards are treated as being knocked down, if all skittles are knocked down with fewer than three balls then the skittles should be stood up and the score with the remaining balls is added on.

  • Each team is responsible for setting up the skittles following their turn.

  • All players and spectators must be behind the bowling line while play is in progress to comply with insurance conditions. All players are responsible for the safety of others. No one under the age of 16 may take part unless supervised by a responsible adult and approval is given by the organisers.

Local businesses and groups give welcome additional income to the event through sponsorship with a £50.00 annual contribution to our charitable fund. We acknowledge their support by hanging their 900x600mm name boards on scaffolding hoarding at the rear of the bowling lanes.


If you would like to add to our lists of sponsors, please email 
for details.

For team entries: Peter Boyse email:
For sponsorship/advertising: Paul Benoy email:

For general enquiries: Ian Martin email:

  • The Ladies only competition will take place on the Friday night along with the finals of the main competition. The winners of the Pub, Bonfire, and Service will be those that had the highest score from Monday to Thursday.

  • The number of teams progressing to Friday finals night will be decided by the organisers and announced each night. Teams may substitute players for finals night.

  • The organisers reserve the right to change the name of any team if necessary and especially if it is likely to cause offence.

  • No alcohol may be brought onto the site. Only alcohol purchased on the site may be consumed on site

  • Entry fees are non refundable

  • The decision of the organisers is final in all matters.

President_John Osbourne_2023.jpg

Past Club Past President, John Osborne (right) joined by the Mayor of Lewes,
Cllr Matthew Bird at this years (2023) Skittles Tournament.

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