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Every year as Christmas approaches the Rotary Club of Lewes, teams up with the Barbican and Castle Rotary Clubs and the Lions to help Santa to tour Lewes, Kingston and Ringmer, delighting young children and fundraising for local charities and individuals in need. 

The collections are carried out over twelve nights in December prior to the Christmas celebrations. Starting at 6 p.m. we cover a specific local area each night and use over 150 collectors over the 12 night period. We aim to cover the whole of Lewes, Ringmer and Kingston. Although this is a Christmas event, planning starts much earlier in the year. 

We collect, on average, over £5,000 per year. This is used in part to supply food vouchers for some of the less fortunate local families. The remainder of the money collected is available for local charities and meeting needs throughout the coming year.

It's that time again, when Father Christmas will be helping the Rotary Clubs of Lewes collect for those in need at Christmas.
The routes for are as follows and start at 18:00hrs.

Dates to be released shortly

1. The route takes just over 2 hours to complete, but we cannot guarantee what time we will be in certain roads, as this is dependent on a number of factors. We do not have live tracking.
2. For logistical reasons we do NOT have readers, so cannot take payments by card.
3. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean we have to change the route (or cancel it altogether). We apologise for any disappointment should this happen.
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